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The tax team at Jones & Company, Ltd. of Northeast, Arkansas is made up of highly skilled experts and strategists that are second to none at minimizing the tax liabilities of their clients. Because most tax advantages are only available for a short window of time, success means staying abreast of both current and proposed legislation so that strategies can be enacted the moment the deduction or credit becomes available.

The team members possess a diverse background and extensive experience working with federal, state, and local taxing authorities and continuously add to that knowledge via intensive, timely and relevant continuing education.  Employing a diligent and informed advisor that will take a proactive as opposed to a reactive approach will result in a lower tax bill and greater peace of mind.

Bring us your income tax W2 forms for max refund!

An Overview of State Income Taxes - Arkansas and Surrounding States

Author: Hal White


A current topic of conversation among many who are concerned about economic development in Arkansas is how the State's taxation laws, particularly income tax laws, compare with those of neighboring states. A couple of neighboring states, for example, have no personal income tax (Texas and Tennessee). Other states have both individual and corporate tax rates that differ substantially from Arkansas. One (Texas) does not tax corporate net income... Read full article (PDF) >>


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