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New Business Starter Guide


As a service to entrepreneurs, we have prepared a comprehensive guide of how-to information, forms, processes, and general tips for operating a profitable business. Stop by our office to pick up your complimentary guide or contact us. The table of contents, shown below, gives you a preview of all the information the guide contains:

New Business Guide Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Selecting a Legal Entity

Button Sole Proprietorship
Button Partnership
Button Corporation
Button S Corporation
Button Limited Liability Company

Chapter 2: Registering with the Tax Authorities

Button Internal Revenue Service
Button Business License
Button Tax Calendar

Chapter 3: Accounting and Bookkeeping

Button Chart of Accounts
Button Cash or Accrual Accounting
Button Accounting Records and Record-Keeping
Button A Word About Computers
Button Internal Control
Button Illustrative Chart of Accounts

Chapter 4: Payroll Taxes

Button Available Publications
Button Tax Deposit Requirements
Button Federal Unemployment Taxes
Button State Unemployment Taxes
Button Supplemental Wages
Button Fringe Benefits
Button Other Tax Requirements
Button Tax Rates

Chapter 5: Selecting a Year-End

Button Which Month to Choose
Button How to Make the Election
Button Changing the Year-End

Chapter 6: Income Taxes

Button Income Tax Forms
Button Estimated Tax Payments
Button Due Dates
Button Extensions
Button First Corporate Return
Button Tax Planning
Button State Taxes

Chapter 7: Cash Planning and Forecasting

Button Starting the Analysis
Button Cash Collections
Button Disbursements
Button Projected Statement of Cash Flow

Chapter 8: Obtaining Credit and Financing Your Own Business

Button How Do I Get the Money
Button Financing Alternatives
Button Debt Financing Sources
Button Equity Financing Sources

Chapter 9: Insurance

Button Required Policies

Chapter 10: Selecting Professional Advisors

Button Conclusion
Button Common State and Federal Tax Forms
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